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The Musings of a Human Avatar
Jordan's Return to Earth
It is a tired hand that writes this evening. I'm not sure what's been going on with me. But they say that duty is heavy, death is light as a feather. The duty of the whole universe is on my shoulders. And I just don't know if I'm breaking under it. I slept for 23 of the last 24 hours. I never, ever, sleep that much.

Being what I am did not come with an instruction manual. I just jumped into it to save the life of the woman I love and got a few weeks of crash course training. Maybe it's the war - the Krogg made a move on Nurasia. I was nearly killed by Kross.. I thought he was dead.. how did he come back.. how did he get off Oban. Is Sui still alive in there, somewhere?

I love staying with Molly. We do share a lot together.. but maybe I just need to go back to Oban for a few days and recharge my batteries.

Someone said that the brightest stars burn for the shortest time. I don't want things to be like that between Molly and I. But for me.. I really do have the life of star. Will the 50 or 60 years we have left really be just the flicker of a star in my life?
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I had to sneak out last night without waking Molly or Rook. Rook doesn't know my secret, and I'm not really sure if she's ready to know yet. So I waited for them to go off and chat about racing or dresses or whatever it is those two talk about until way too early in the morning, then slipped up to the roof... 

...and zapped myself to Oban. Something felt strange when I arrived there. A coldness was in the air. As I donned my robes, I could feel the chill biting into me. I don't get scared easily, but last night I felt fear. I was in the temple of the Heart, looking around and trying to find remnants of the battle that was fought there. 

The one that Molly, Aikka, and I fought against the ultimate evil. I could not find any signs of Kanaletto there, which is what fills me with even more worry - I should sense something, right? I can fell the remnants of Molly's touch on the pyramid, of where Aikka fired his arrows - but no sign of Kanaletto anywhere

On a related note -- I had a weird dream last night. About Sul of all people. I barely remember the guy from the last races on Oban, but I thought he was destroyed. Then again, if he was even more powerful than the Avatar...

Maybe I should look for him.

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A few interesting things happened last night. First, we got a new roommate - Rook Bartley. She's a friend of Molly's from the same universe that her commanding officer is from - ah, I mean Roy Fokker, not Don Wei. Now mind you, we only have two bedrooms in this place, since we always figured it would be us. So, things are a little awkward. But just a little. 

It can sleep on the couch as needed - or just simply not be there. I'm going to have to watch it with that as well. No more just magically healing my wounds when I get home, like what happened after I was shot the other day while visiting the Old West realm as a possible race location. Molly knows of what I harbor inside of me.. Rook doesn't. Should I tell her? Do I trust her with that much? Molly trusts her to live with us, after all. 

Molly had a nightmare the other night. She didn't give me too many of the details - but she mentioned Kanaletto, so I can only assume that he's involved somehow. I was there at the Temple of the Heart (well duh), I saw him blown into so many pieces that there is no way he could come back. 


I may have to go back to the Creators to confer with them on it. Because if the bird brain is back - then we're in a lot of trouble. I couldn't sleep, so I went to lay down next to Molly for a while, before waking up. I couldn't sleep, so I went to the roof for a little while to think. I thought about the circumstances that brought us to this point - not just the race, but the years that followed it as well. 

And I would not have changed a thing. I almost went back into my room before I realized that halfway to bed that Rook was in my bed, not Eva. I slept on the couch instead. 

I guess I should talk to Molly about telling Rook the truth. 

- Me.
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Molly said I should get one of these things, since well, I have 9,996 years left to go through - I might as well. 

I love her. I really do.
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